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The Student Journal explores all student related questions that can’t be answered through a text book. Written by recent graduates and urbanest residents for local and international students, we create all kinds of content that will help you get the most out of your student life. The categories you can browse through include Study, Careers & Finance, Accommodation, London Life and News & Events.

Our Study category will help educate students on improving their quality of work, time management and productivity. For expert advice on stretching your student loan, making extra money during their studies and other useful articles, visit our Careers & Finance section.

The Accommodation category will provide you with a range of articles to help with any student accommodation woes, from how to get on with your flatmates to splitting household bills or personalising your bedroom. For insight into the exciting places to visits and things to do around London you should visit our London Life category.

Finally, our News & Events category will help keep you up to date with the latest goings-on in this very busy city. Select any of these categories to find a wealth of information relevant to your new London student life.

At the Student Journal, we know that being a student isn’t particularly easy and we can relate to whatever dilemma you may have. To add to our own advice, we regularly reach out to experts, such as psychologists, artists, writers, interior designers and professors who can help you cope with the stress of being a student.

Graduate Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts

The thought of what you’re going to do after Uni can be daunting. With every family member asking after your plans and every job application getting declined, it’s... Read more

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What To Do About Second Year Accommodation

University can be a challenging time, with a lot of change. You’ll have already moved away from home, and this may have involved moving to an entirely different... Read more

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The Best Things To Do Within A Mile of Urbanest Hoxton

Urbanest Hoxton is without doubt in one of the cultural hubs of London. With the area drawing creatives, artists, foodies and travellers from all over the world, we... Read more

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How To Juggle Final Year Stresses

The final year of university is when stress levels are at their highest, and many students can begin to feel a little overwhelmed by all the different things... Read more

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5 Ways To Get Ahead With That Graduate Job

You may be thinking about what’s in store when you finally leave University. Graduate jobs are notoriously hard to find, but it’s possible with hard work and the... Read more

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International Students: How To Embrace London Life

Arriving at university is scary enough for any fresher. But when you’re an international student, in a new country, it’s considerably more frightening. While London is a huge... Read more

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What Does Your Morning Lecture Drink Say About You?

9 AM lectures can be a tough thing to face. Sitting in a crowded, warm room with a person talking to you for an hour is enough to... Read more

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7 Alternative Ideas For Your Friday Night

‘Are you out tonight?’ is often a question which is met with excitement or dread. As much as the student bubble has its perks, the constant stream of... Read more

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7 Useful Student Advice Websites

Going to University is one of the biggest changes in your life. It signifies becoming an adult, moving on to a brighter future and achieving your goals. You’ll... Read more

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What All Language Students Hate To Hear

Every student has certain things they don’t want to hear, such as questions surrounding their future career and challenges to prove how knowledgeable they are now. These questions... Read more

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