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If you’re planning on taking an economics course in London, that’s a great choice. The capital of the UK is an exciting place to study this social science. But with a range of universities that offer a variety of economic courses, it can be hard to choose. We’ve picked five of the best universities for studying economics in London to help you with your decision.

Why Study Economics?

An economics course is a great choice if you have a head for numbers, care about social sciences, and are interested in business and finance. Most courses will explore production, distribution and consumption. This covers a wide breadth of subjects such as politics, sociology and psychology. There are two main branches of economics, one branch looks at the behaviour of companies and individuals within an economy, the other looks at the economic outputs of entire countries and their global impact.

A degree in this subject can open doors to a variety of careers, such as:

  • Data analyst;
  • Accountant;
  • Investment analyst;
  • Financial risk analyst;
  • Economist.


Why Study Economics In London?

London is a great place to study economics. As one of Europe’s leading financial market, the city is home to many international banks and a variety of financial companies. Therefore, students have opportunities to network at events, or complete internships whilst studying. This can help you to make important connections for your future career.

Not only that but there are a wealth of museums and libraries that could help with your studies in London. The Bank of England Museum is just one museum where you can expect to find extra economic insights.

Being in such a bustling city that is an economic hub, the universities of London attract some of the most respected staff in the field. The universities in London are also known for having lecturers and professors that are renowned for their economic research and professional experience.

If you’re interested in the social side of your student life, London has a lot to offer too. The city is a melting pot of cultures. This diverse city has a range of activities available and you’ll likely make friends for life during your time studying economics in London.

Five Of The Top Universities In London For Economics

If you’re struggling to choose which London university to study economics in, we have put together a list of the five best. Each has its own benefits and offers a range of economic courses. In no particular order, here are the top universities in London for studying economics:

London School of Economics and Political Science

Known as LSE, the London School of Economics and Political Science has one of the largest economics departments in the world. This means that all mainstream areas of the subject are represented and can be studied. There are fourteen undergraduate courses available, including Economic History with Economics, Environmental Policy and Economics, and Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

In the QS World University Rankings. this specialist University ranks at 49th. This university is also part of the Russell Group.

As the only university in the UK that focuses on the study of social scientists, it attracts many of the best researchers that are interested in these subjects. LSE has a worldwide academic reputation and is known for cutting-edge research. The university also has a number of Nobel laureates associated with it, such as Paul Bunche and Leonid Hurwicz.

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Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is one of the UK’s leading research-focused higher education facilities. The School of Economics and Finance is found on the main campus, which is in a diverse area of London.

Queen Mary ranks at number 114 in the QS World University Rankings and is part of the Russell Group. At this university, research and teaching go hand-in-hand, and the university is known for its ground-breaking research across all departments. The university remains true to its founders’ vision and is an inclusive place that gives the opportunity for every student to succeed.

There are sixty-four undergraduate courses in the economics department, so here you are spoilt for choice. Many of these courses include a year in industry, so students can gain some real-world experience in the world of economic careers.

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University College London

The University College London (LSE) consistently ranks well in UK and worldwide league tables. UCL ranks tenth in the QS World University Rankings.

With a student/faculty ratio of five, you can be sure that you will have all the support you need during your course. University College London is known for teaching students how to think, not just teaching the facts to pass tests. Students are seen as collaborators and partners. This forward-thinking university was the first in England to accept students from any religion or social background. It was also the first to take female students.

At UCL you have a choice of 15 undergraduate courses. The courses available include Economics & Business with East European Studies (this is a 4-year course that includes a year abroad), History, Politics and Economics, and Population Health Sciences.

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King’s College London

Being London’s most central university, studying at King’s College means you have access to a variety of places outside of London, as well as access to the academic, cultural and social aspects of the city itself. This university is one of the oldest in England and is now a leading research university.

Part of the Russell Group, and ranking at thirty-first in the QS World University Rankings, the university is world-renowned. There are eight economic undergraduate course available at King’s, including Economics and Management, and Political Economy.

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SOAS University of London

SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) is the only higher education institution in Europe to specialise in the study of Asia, the Near and Middle East, and Africa. The department of Economics at SOAS is a leading economics research centre in the UK and has one of the largest concentrations of development ecologists.

This university ranks at number 346b in the QS World University Rankings and is known for its close-knit community. This specialist university is the place to study if you want to study contemporary world issues. SOAS lecturers are specialists that are still involved in fieldwork and research. Therefore,  you can be sure you’ll be receiving insights to current issues.

SOAS has 35 economic undergraduate courses available. Some of the courses are Development Economics, Global Development, and Social Anthropology and Economics.

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Whichever London University you choose to study an economics course at, you can be sure that you will be in a diverse city with access to museums and libraries that will help you with your studies. The universities in London are known for their leading research in economics, and you’ll have access to some of the best economic professionals in the world. At Urbanest, we can provide accommodation near your chosen economic university, take a look at our London private student accommodation in London.

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