The Best Universities for Psychology in London

17th November 2023 Lottie Salako Study

The field of psychology is broad and fascinating, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular courses to study at London universities.

Once you have your bachelor’s degree, you can go on to study at postgraduate level to become a qualified Clinical Psychologist or one of the many other specialisms in healthcare. Plus, more career paths, such as HR, data entry, and teaching – a psychology degree really can give you great prospects.

10 Top Universities to Study Psychology in London

Whether you seek a traditional psychology curriculum or desire to explore it in the context of other disciplines, London’s universities provide an ideal environment for your academic growth and future success. Here’s some of the best uni’s in the capital for Pyschology.

1. London School of Economics

Location: Holborn, WC2A

UK ranking: 3

Courses offered: Psychological and Behavioural Science (BSc), multiple postgraduate courses.

BPS Accredited?: Yes

UK Entry requirements: A*AA

LSE boasts a distinctive approach to psychology, which draws together social science and policy-making to provide an interdisciplinary and practical degree. One of the most prestigious universities in the world, LSE is well-known for its leading research, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn from those at the forefront of the subject.

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2. University College London

Location: Bloomsbury, WC1E

UK ranking: 2

Courses offered: Psychology (BSc), multiple postgraduate options (full course list), Clinical Doctorate.

BPS accredited?: Yes

UK Entry requirements: A*AA

One of the largest departments of psychology in the UK, UCL offers a cutting-edge education in the subject that covers social, cognitive, and language psychology, as well as how to design your own research projects and analyse data.

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3. King’s College London

Location: The Strand, WC2R

UK ranking: 11

Courses offered: Psychology (BSc and iBSc), Neuroscience & Psychology (Bsc and iBSc), multiple postgraduate courses across departments of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience, and Mental Health and Psychological Science departments, Clinical Doctorate.

BPS Accredited?: Yes

UK Entry requirements: A*AA

KCL has a long, rich history of academic excellence in London as one of the top universities in the world. One of the most impressive aspects of its offering is the extensive postgraduate degrees in this field, which include MSc in health psychology, global mental health, and forensic psychology, as well as many postgraduate certificates and diplomas in different specialisms. This central London university is one of the best places to get your professional education.

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4. City, University of London

Location: City of London, EC1V

UK ranking: 13

Courses offered: Psychology (BSc), Sociology with Psychology (BSc), Criminology with Psychology (BSc), Behavioural Economics (Msc), Counselling (PGCert), Psychology of Health and Well-being (MSc), Clinical Doctorate.

BPS Accredited?: Yes

UK Entry requirements: AAB

In the heart of the City of London, City University is a modern and global institution that welcomes a diverse student population of 20,000 people and world-renown experts as staff. When studying psychology at City, you have the choice of specialising in your 3rd year on one of four pathways: Counselling and Health, Organisational and Behavioural Economics, Cognitive and Clinical, and Child Development.

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5. University of Westminster

Location: Westminster, W1B

UK ranking: 66

Courses offered: Psychology (BSc, MSc), Psychology and Counselling (BSc), Psychology and Criminology (BSc), Health Psychology (MSc), Organisation Psychology (MSc), Counselling (PGDip).

BPS Accredited?: Yes

UK Entry requirements: BBB-BCC

Westminster is one of the few universities that offer a year in industry placement, which you can complete between years 2 and 3. This will give you a BSc with professional or international experience, depending on where you do your placement. With lower entry-grade requirements, Westminster offers a high-quality education in central London for a wider demographic of students.

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6. University of Greenwich

Location: Greenwich, SE10

UK ranking: 70

Courses offered: Psychology (BSc, MSc), Counselling (BA, MSc), Sport and Exercise Psychology (MSc); see full list of courses.

BPS Accredited?: Yes

UK Entry requirements: 120 UCAS points (at least 2 A Levels)

Located in southeast London, the University of Greenwich has a picturesque campus on the river surrounded by gorgeous historic buildings (one pictured below!) and is next to Greenwich Park, which famously hosts the Meridian Line and the Royal Observatory. There is a strong focus on clinical, forensic, and child development, as well as cross-cultural perspectives in the modules, aiming to create empathic and understanding mental health professionals.

7. Kingston University

Location: Kingston, KT2

UK ranking: 80

Courses offered: Psychology (BSc), Criminology and Forensic (BSc), Business Psychology (BSc), Child Psychology (MSc), Clinical and Health (MSc), Social Psychology (MSc), ACErg (MSc).

BPS Accredited?: Yes

UK Entry requirements: 120-164 UCAS points (at least 2 A-Levels)

Ranked 7th for psychology, Kingston is also ranked 2nd for forensics, which means it’s a great place to study for those interested in the criminal justice route. Kingston’s Psychology BSc gives you 2 additional years of study through an optional study abroad year and a “sandwich” year that takes place between years 2 and 3 of study. During this sandwich year, you can do a professional placement that gives you work experience in your chosen field.

8. Brunel University London

Location: Uxbridge, UB8

UK ranking: 95

Courses offered: Psychology (BSc, MSc), multiple postgraduate degrees, including integrated Life Sciences and conversion courses.

BPS Accredited?: Yes

UK Entry requirements: BBB

Brunel University London campus is in Uxbridge, near Heathrow, and offers students a modern, practical approach to their studies. You can do two 6-month placements or 1 full year to get industry experience, with previous placements including Holloway Prison and the Institute of Psychiatry. A unique part of Brunel’s course is the ability to use extensive laboratory and technical facilities, including brain imaging facilities (fMRI, EEG), psychophysics, and eye tracking. This is a great option for those who are interested in neuroscience and life sciences in conjunction with psychology.

9. University of Roehampton

Location: Roehampton, SW15

UK ranking: 91

Courses offered: Psychology (BSc, MSc), multiple postgraduate courses that can be taken as an MSc, PGDip, or PGCert, including Art Therapy, Counselling Psychology, Forensic, and High-Intensity Therapeutic Counselling.

BPS Accredited?: Yes

Entry requirements: 112 UCAS points

Roehampton is in the southwest of London, near Richmond Park – attending this uni means spending a lot of time in the leafy, idyllic part of the city. The psychology degree is designed to be career focused, preparing you for the working world, so includes a work placement module in year 2. You will also have the opportunity to become a Mental Health England First-Aider, or train and develop skills in mental health first aid.

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10. London Metropolitan University

Location: Islington, N7

UK ranking: 123

Courses offered: A variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well as short and professional courses, including Psychology BSc (Hons), Psychology (Conversion) MSc, Psychology and Sociology BSc (Hons), and Criminology and Psychology BSc (Hons).

BPS Accredited?: Yes

Entry requirements: 104 UCAS points (at least 2 A Level with BC grades and above)

With a student satisfaction rating of 91% for the psychology courses, London Met is a popular university for those wanting to study in central London. Located in the bustling borough of Islington, known for its diverse population of young professionals and great nightlife. Alongside traditional psychology, London Met Uni offers lots of degrees in related fields such as social work, policing, criminal justice, cybersecurity, and addiction mental health, making it a great choice for those looking at these fascinating career paths.

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How to Choose the Best University for Psychology

Choosing the best university for you depends on a lot of factors, particularly what you personally value from your education. Some of the important things to consider when choosing where to study psychology include:

  • Ensure the course is accredited by the BPS
  • Look into the experience and career history of lecturers and professors
  • Find out what about department specialisms and expertise
  • Does the university offer help with work placements and internships?
  • Are there any study-abroad opportunities?

Explore our full list of universities in London to discover more about the different institutions across the capital and their specialisms.

Why Study Psychology in London?

Home to so many prestigious universities, London is a fantastic place to study psychology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Alongside a world-class degree, London is a great place to settle as a student and professional. It is a very diverse city where you can get a multicultural experience, working with all kinds of people and gaining invaluable perspective as a mental health professional. You will also benefit from the partnership between universities and the NHS, which is the UK’s national healthcare system. This makes it much easier to get placements across the city and different specialisms. Find out more about living in London, from area guides, understanding the tube, and must-visit spots.

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